Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lookbook.nu Interview: Zisma Chendikia

*What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion for me is a kind of art that sometimes we don't realize that we've been doing it. Fashion for me is a primary need. I can't go out without fashion. That is why, fashion keeps me alive.
*Who are some of your favorite designers?
Stella mc cartney always amused me with her simply cool designs. It is cutted perfectly and looks awesome when it has been worn. It isn't to much, calm, but still edgy. That is suits me well. Not too old but not looking weird. Just in the right proportion for me.
*What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?
Hmmm none of that category hahaha. My mom is studying about dressmaking in a fashion school. So i got lots of cute dress, top and skirt from. So happy cause i got all of that for free. Yay! But when i have to pick my three favorites fashion webstore, it goes to asos, forever21, and cotton on.
*Do you consider yourself an artist?
Once i got a scholarship to join a fashion design program when i was 12. And i still continue to study about that. in my free time, I usually draw and paint. my genre is surrealism. And yes, i play piano too! But, for now i spent my time mostly for school. I like math cause i think they are art too. An art of numbers. LOL! I love art, and i have a different point of view with others about art.
*What are your favorite colors to work with and why?
Blue!! Electric blue, sky blue, navy blue. I like blue a lot. I can play any of colour with blue. Blue can be fierce, and even sweet. I love blue so much! Even my favorite phone case is the blue one. My favorite shoes is the blue one. I just can't get enough blue things. Blue is the new white for me.
*Where can readers find out more about you and your work?
*What are your likes and dislikes?
Likes: colorful, pattern, floral, sheer, simplicity, maxi skirt. Actually, i try every style, sometimes i wear vintage, and in the another day i wear edgy.
Dislikes: animal print. Yeah animal print. It looks silly for me. But i adore people who can wear it without looking too much.