Monday, May 14, 2012

Lookbook Inspirations

So after much pressure from family and friends, I finally got a account. I enjoy fashion and giving advice, as many of you know, but I am not big on taking photos of my own. Call it insecurities if you want. So I posted two looks [in which you guys voted on my netlog account] and so far... hypes have been slowly but steadily streaming in. cool, right? You guys are smart.

Anyways, as I was scanning through, I saw some amazing looks. Some traditional, some... not. I asked to use a few to show you guys. I'll give you just a few for this post, but I'll explain why I like it. I know you all value my opinion, Ha ha ;-) On one final note, I would like to THANK YOU ALL so much for the feedback. You guys are killin' my email!

Here we go folks...

David Sleadd

David is relatively new to Lookbook from what I can surmise. However, his fashion is slightly off tradition. He keeps his clothes in sync and can make his pictures creative! Handstands? I'd break my neck...! He may not have been on Lookbook for very long, but he is a well known model for Outlook Makeover Site Models. I had the chance to meet him at the Outlook Makeover back in 2007. Its safe to say he is cool.

                        Liz Megan

She is simply amazing! 18 and already such a beautiful young lady. She bases her clothes on the different cultures she sees around her. I can't say too much for her, she speaks well enough for herself! You can contact her here:

Dianna Hughes

I came across her with my random searches. What drew me to her style was... really how it didn't just stick with mainstream "fashion." I chose the two pictures above because it shows her own taste. The first one is really "neat" and organized, yet still different from the molds of fashion. The second is truly my favorite. I love the loose jeans with holes. It gives grunge to it, exactly her style. Check out more!

Addi Reni

Her fashion is not at all out of the normal. So why do I love her? Because she makes her own clothes! Yeah, it looks store bought, but no, she makes them! I've seen from her Facebook her projects. I think it is so cool she can do that. Give me a needle and thread and I'd end up stabbing myself somehow. Go ahead, see if you can tell her things are home made!