Monday, May 14, 2012

A Note from My Office- McDonalds

As many of you know I have been in New York attempting to get some new ideas for my upcoming fashion line. I did get many great ideas! I'm blogging this to you at a local McDonald since it is the only place I could get free wifi. Lazy? Yeah, I know. I got so many good ideas from this little group called "The Holiness movement." I was really interested. Than I decided when I got home I would try to find similar looks. And I'll-be-dogged I found a college! God's Bible School and College.

Basically it is a religious group that believes firmly in modesty for both men and women. Skirts at least an inch below the knee, arms covered [but 3/4th sleeves are allowed] and hair [usually long] up. For most people, especially here in America, it is a turn off. I however found it fascinating how many styles these girls came up with using only skirts and dresses. The hairstyles were impeccable too! So I took a few shots of them on my Canon Powershot. Primitive, I know. But I was too excited to return to the hotel for my other camera.