Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I got the Blues


I was messing around before class earlier with Bella and decided we would do a very quick photoshoot of my new "blue" attitude. Meaning I was at a store and decided to buy alot of blue clothes. And also, "quick" photoshoot meant like two outfits, but oh well. I figured two is better than one, or zero.

The First one is from Old Navy. Blue striped Old Navy shirt with a light blue sweater from Macy's.

I look awesome, I know it. But I got this top set for less than $40! I was so totally stoked! I was a happy chap.

The second picture was from American Eagle Outfitters. The bow tie was a nice touch, but not from AE. Actually, the bow came from Kenneth Cole. I hope you all like. It was under $50!

So this was my ultra short photoshoot. I think I didn't do so bad. What do you think? :)