Monday, July 2, 2012 Interview: Sourabh Sharma

*What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is like food (and ironically, both are the epitome of my existence). Just like many courses make a fine meal, distinct elements craft the perfect look. Overdoing food will cause you to feel uncomfortably full, and exaggeration in attire will come across as artificial, too. If fashion is the shell you show to the world (when you cannot show them your skin), you better make sure it makes you feel great.And fits.

*Who are some of your favorite designers?

It’s strange that when I sit to think of who my favorite designers are, I always think of those that are the antithesis of the designers that I find too drab, or too distressfully over-the-top. However, I really admire the western works of Phillip Lim, Simon Spurr, KeanenDuffty, Marc Jacobs and Michael Bastian. From the Eastern hemisphere I enjoy wearing and seeking inspiration from Manish Malhora, Abdul Haldar andNarendra Kumar.

*What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?

I am admittedly promiscuous. My preferences vary seasonally, and I usually prefer not to brand myself with a handful of single store offerings alone, as I believe in having more than one statement. But some of my recurrent picks come from Armani Exchange from the US, Topman, Ben Sherman and River Island from the UK, WE from the Netherlands, and Spykar and Mufti from India.

*Do you consider yourself an artist?

I am engaged in multiple spectrums of activities related to art: photography, craft, fashion design, modeling, hair design, literary writing, print editing, and many related facets, all of which demonstrate my passion for the aesthetic marriage of colors, shapes and expressions. I think these qualify me for the artist medallion, do you?

*What are your favorite colors to work with and why?

Red. It is the color of sunrise, sunset, blood, love, blush, a stop sign, an alert, an emergency, and a red light district. In each case, it startles, shocks, and slowly but surely seeps into your conscious. Even a brief hint of red – through a button, a lining, threadwork, a belt, a watch, socks – is enough to intrigue passerbys. And I definitely don’t like black. I do work with it from time to time, but its commonality and poetic charm seem too forced to me.

*Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

I am a social media thrillist, and am totally consumed by the internet. Despite not spending much time on it, it is coincidental and intentional that a google search of my alias - sssourabh- yields a plethora of results. The page to my center site, and with this alone, feel free to stalk me anywhere. You name it, I’m no it – my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Gentlemint, Flickr, Carbonmade,Instagram, and the list goes on.

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*What are your likes and dislikes?

I photograph and blog like a racing plague. Nothing consumes me more than the passion for photography. What I capture on my lens is what creates most of my likes – food, plants, high end dining, traveling oft the tourist route in metropolitan cities and suburbs alike. These inspire my tomorrow.I also obsess over ice cream flavors (ever tried olive oil ice cream?), and quirky flavors of chewing gum. I wear sunglasses all the time, mainly so I can gape at future lookbookers without staring directly. I obsess over anything chocolate, and if I was stranded on an island, I would indefinitely eat soft baked cookies, Indian biryani and super red grapefruits.

I despise the attitude of talking without listening. There is a reason that listen and silent are composed of the same letters. I also cringe at lack of table manners or basic etiquette. Cultural ignorance used to amuse me in a negative way, but in a well networked world, it now severely bothers me. People who adapt to trends with obvious discomfort evoke my sympathy – think harem pants, muffin top tees, unfitheavage. And my pet peeves include grunting gym trainers, incapability of chewing gum, unclosed kitchen drawers, and inconsiderate airport or hotel staff.

*What outfit were you most proud of?

My promiscuity with clothing and brands and colors ensures that I have looks that vary tremendously from each other. However, snakes constitute my many obsessions. At the tender age of five, I visited a snake park in Tanzania and fell in love. With aforementioned objects of reptilian lust defined, I felt it apt to construct a look that slithered down my spine, and titled it Hisss. Hence a silver foiled party tee, more apt for snaking into a club rather than a disenchanted sunlit day. The pale slim jeans slip into the backdrop. The grey leather snake print shoes make it mysterious for the daytime, sultry for the night. It completes the entire transformation from man to reptile. Even better when worn after a workout.Time to peel the skin?

*Which outfit were you least proud of?

I’m glad this is asked as least proud, as I am  usually more and less proud, but nevertheless proud of all my outfits. However, the one on lookbook that I could have bettered is called Stairs Sequins and Secrets. It was something I put on in a hurry from a zesty holiday wardrobe on a desert safari. Individually, I love my eggplant colored sequined tee, my comfy cardigan with toggles and the ultra skinnyblack jeans. But together, they are a dark, glimmering cloud on a sunny day, on a tired me. Hence, the sexy Blue Steele photography and mystery infused palace photos were present to counter my displeasure of the attire combination. At the end of the day, it is all about balance.

*Where do you hope to be with your fashion? [Modeling, fashion designing, top lookbooker, ect]

My greatest satisfaction is to inspire someone. If this is done through modeling (and I have been twice too many times a hair model), fashion designing, or through a top notch on lookbook, then so be it. For me, it’s more than just expressing myself through fashion – it is more about inspiring others to craft their own style, even if it is with a sprinkling of mine.

*What advice would you offer aspiring fashion designers/lovers?

I have always believed in having my clothes tell a story. And this is my advice to designers and lovers of fashion. Drama, thriller, suggestive, or simply a passing-days-of-life type of read, any attire should resonate with onlookers as something which reminds them of something else altogether. The more interpretations, the better in garnering a variety of attention. The fewer the interpretations, the more accurate you have been in creating the perfect look.  Story telling can never go wrong, especially when clothes are your words, your body the paper, and your look is your plot.